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Amber Nicolle Henry

Amber Nicolle Henry is a creative and a leader.

She was born and raised in Mississippi and has filled many roles.

With a heart for creativity, she has pursued artistic crafts including drawing, wood working, music, acting, poetry, and spoken word. In the field of leadership, she has served as tutor, engineer, mentor, and founder.

“I was diagnosed with bipolar I disorder in 2014. The diagnosis and following treatment led to the most severe struggle I have had in life. That struggle led to a new perspective and drive to use my abilities to live life to the fullest and impact others along the way.”

In 2020, Amber founded the media/merchandise company Equal Age with the goals of raising awareness about human equality in all its forms and building community among creatives and leaders for social change.

“There is intrinsic value in being a human. This means that all of our issues are important, primary issues. Everyone’s suffering requires attention. From racism and sexuality to ageism and gender equality, we need to learn to work through all the issues to make the world a place that everyone can be proud to call home.”

To join her, learn more about her company Equal Age.