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Claire Ishi Ayetoro

Claire Ishi Ayetoro is an outgrowth of hope and desire to change to way life is perceived and interpreted.


clear, bright

“To have a clear mind and a bright outlook on life is enabling. It enables one to maneuver through life obstacles and enjoy every opportunity to learn, grow, and experience life’s highlights. In my writings, I seek to bring a brightness and clarity to the thoughts of readers as they peruse the pages.”



“Being grounded and having a sense of safety and security in one’s being is a true amenity of life. Knowing that whatever happens, the ability to accept it and feel at ease about the circumstances and consequences is a true skill that can be developed and put into practice. I wish to help many understand this possibility because putting this skill into practice enables one to experience a peace that lasts.”


calm world

“The nature of the world is tumultuous, but the possibility always exists for a world at peace. Nevertheless, we can experience a calmness in our own lives and influence others to experience this calm as well. We can be purveyors of peace. Another goal of mine as a writer is to encourage readers to seek peace and to propagate peace.”

As an author and a writer, Claire Ishi Ayetoro emobodies and spreads the hope that she has to all who take interest.

Claire’s first work is “I Hear the Black Raven: A Petite Memoir.” The memoir is a short revelation of her life and the wisdom that she has gained throughout her journey.

Claire’s work “A Leaf for Bongani: A Novelette” aims to raise awareness about how animals (specifically giraffe) also deal with a tumultuous world that we have the opportunity to do something about.

Claire also shares her ideas in her Philosophy Blog. There, you will find more insight into her views on ways that we can change the world together.