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Spotlight On Podcast Interview with Derek Covington Smith


“This week we are joined by Mississippi Creative Amber Henry. From wood burned portraits to throwing up on Viola Davis (allegedly), this artist has been diving into every passion head first. Oh, and did I mention she has a music video. Learn all about it in this week’s Spotlight on Interview with Amber Henry.”

-Derek Covington Smith

Spotlight on Photo

Itali-Echo interviews Claire Ishi Ayetoro about her book I Hear the Black Raven: A Petite Memoir

Claire is an African-American author and a creative at heart. Born in the southern hills of Mississippi, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been re-designing and re-defining her world to live her best life ever since. She is an advocate for human rights and helps others to find freedom of mind through her coaching. Sign up for her email list at and receive a free gift. Become an advocate with her by exploring

The Little Yellow Building Artist Talk

Articles & Interviews

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